5 Ways a Remote Health Monitoring System Will Save Money

Let’s face it, financial performance is a factor in today’s complex health care environment. So when a opportunity exists to both improve the quality of patient care and improve financial outcomes at the same time, that opportunity must be realized. Learn about the very real, tangible financial impacts a well-run remote health monitoring program can deliver.

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Find Out How Other Health Systems Are Doing It

Developing, launching and managing a remote health monitoring program can be an easy way to improve patient outcomes, medical team satisfaction and overall financial performance. But your choice in how you implement the program will determine its success. Find out how the Trapollo platform performs and how it can work for you.

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Solve the Mystery of Remote Health Monitoring

Designing a program, acquiring and managing equipment, tech support, getting equipment setup in patient homes and returned… There are a lot of moving parts to a successful remote health monitoring program. A mystery emerges because none of these things are within a hospital system’s core competency. But for Trapollo, they are part of our DNA. Find out how we do it.

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Propel Your Health Organization to The Top of the Rankings

Hospital systems, insurance companies and health care providers of all stripes seek ways to become ranked among the top performers in their industry categories. With a Trapollo remote health monitoring program, patient outcomes, satisfaction and financial performance are all given a big boost.

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Helping an Existing Remote Monitoring Program Shine

Many health care organizations embarked on their own in-house remote health monitoring program, only to find that the complexities exceeded expectations. The Trapollo platform can step in and smooth out processes that can be most challenging. Find out how we can take your existing program and polish it into a high performance element of your health care services.

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At Mercy, we are taking steps to reduce costly hospital readmissions but couldn’t do it alone. We have been very impressed with Trapollo and the processes it has in place to manage our large-scale remote health monitoring program.

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Partnering with Trapollo has allowed our nurses to focus on important clinical issues while Trapollo managed the logistics of installing the equipment in our members’ homes as well as training them and providing technical support. We are further delighted that our members have responded so positively when rating their install, and training experiences.

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