Access to Patient Records is the Key to Better Health Outcomes

With so much focus being placed on how healthcare providers can deliver better care, the question is, do connected health services really lead to better outcomes?  Patients definitely see a correlation, as 97% of them believe it is important that any health institution have access to their full medical histories in order to deliver high-quality care.  They also give very high importance to providers having the ability to easily share patient information.  In fact, most actually assume their providers can do that whenever or wherever care is needed.

While services like remote patient monitoring, virtual visits offer an opportunity to deliver better care, patients recognize that access to their records remains critical to success.  That’s particularly true when considering the access to specialists and other physicians outside patients’ primary care providers, one of the key benefits patients see in connected health.  The extent to which patients understand the correlation between information access and quality care is evident, considering that 51% they would consider switching to providers who have the ability to access their full medical histories and share them with other medical professionals, regardless of location.

Efficiency of Care

Connected health solutions place all patient information in a single, consolidated location that can be shared with all required personnel.  It means patients can be given necessary information and instructions in advance of scheduled appointments – whether those are in-person or virtual  – and are able to provide any additional information that providers need.  Interoperable connected health platforms also make it easy for various providers to share information and collaborate easily and efficiently to make faster and more informed decisions – such as when specialists are sought for consultative services.  Consolidated records and access to them also makes follow-up care and monitoring more effective.

Provider Benefits

With integrated connected health solutions in place, physicians and specialists can collaborate more effectively with any doctor or staff member, all of whom will have access to the same information.  This also means that, when patients are transferred between care teams, moved to other facilities, or even released to home care, information access will ensure continuity of care and eliminate duplication of efforts.  Consolidated patient records also pave the way for value-based care models that are a key initiatives for many organizations today, and help providers operate more efficiently to make up for a shortage of healthcare professionals facing the industry.   The hope is these all help increase patient satisfaction and increase referral patient, helping drive revenues without impeding care.

Better Patient Experience

Connected health solutions and not only help providers deliver better care, they can reduce wait time for appointments thanks to process efficiencies allowing for more in-person visits, while also making highly efficient virtual care possible.  They also enable better and more communication between providers and patients, ensuring patients are prepared for their appointments as well as detailed treatment and follow-up instructions, including the ability to automatically or manually provide new information on vital statistics, including those measured by remote patient monitoring devices.  This, in turn, can reduce the need for hospital admissions and readmissions, or additional in-office visits.  Even if  patients need to consult specialist providers, they can be confident those physicians will have access to their full records to make informed decisions.

There’s no question patients and physicians believe connected health technology will enable better care.  Patients, however, see a need for consistency and interoperability between providers to ensure various providers have access to up-to-date and complete records that will allow them to provide the best care possible.

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