Connected Health Making Holiday Health Management Easier

With the holidays in full swing and families traveling between cities, states, and even countries, we’re wishing everyone a safe and happy season.  But, as is often the case, flu bugs and other ailments have a way of showing up as invited guests, not to mention the need to manage treatments for existing conditions.  The good news is healthcare doesn’t have to put a damper on holiday plans, especially with connected health making it easier to receive care wherever you are.

Expanded Access

Timing is everything.  The faster patients can get to physicians for diagnosis, the faster they can begin treatment.  Connected health can provide access to primary care providers as well as specialists wherever patients are.  Using connected health platforms, doctors can provide virtual consultations and ensure patients get the treatment they need from trusted physicians.  Similarly, doctors may be able to provide remote consultations from wherever they are, reducing burden on clinics and hospitals, while developing relationships between doctors and their patients.  Patient data, statistics, and medical images can all be shared across the platform and used in conjunction with live video to deliver high quality care, regardless of where patients or doctors are.

Remote Monitoring

For patients with chronic conditions, ongoing treatment plans, pregnancy and other conditions, remote patient monitoring allows doctors to continue monitoring patient vital statistics and other measurements thanks to a broad range of sensors that allow regular monitoring without disrupting other activities.  That includes, for instance, the use of accelerometers to measure range of motion for physical therapy patients, so they are able to continue treatment at all times.  Physicians are able to set thresholds for various measurements to alert them if attention is required, even allowing for adjustments to threshold to account for distance and other holiday-related variables.


Connected health technologies make it easier for patients to fill prescriptions regardless of location.  Doctors are able to send e-prescriptions directly to local pharmacies, saving time and improving accuracy over traditional paper or phone calls, and making it easier to fill prescriptions at locations other than normal pharmacies close to home.  Accuracy of records is also improved, as prescription information can be instantly added to patient records and connected pharmacies can provide advice and counseling related to medications quickly and cost-effectively without patients having to be physically present.


Similarly, follow-ups to check in on sick children – or adults – are much more convenient with connected health services.  Like initial care, follow-ups can take place independent of geography, ensuring patients get the follow-up consultations they need to ensure treatment is having expected effects.

The holidays should be a happy time, one to enjoy with family and friends.  When health conditions get in the way, everyone suffers.  Connected health technologies can help support healthcare for an increasingly wide range of patients and conditions, allowing them to receive care without disrupting their holiday plans.

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