Healthcare Organizations – What’s on Your Spring Cleaning List?

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for homeowners. It’s an opportunity for healthcare leaders, too. It’s time to sweep out the dust and throw the doors and windows open to new disruptive solutions.

Here are some growing trends in healthcare that should make your spring cleaning list.

The Patient Experience

We know that the customer experience is changing the way we market products and services, but what about the patient experience? Healthcare organizations are gearing up for transformation in patient services, and following the rules of customer engagement.

At the core of healthcare, customer service is vital. Bedside manner, or more broadly, how a patient is treated, can make or break the patient experience. Incorporating integrated telehealth solutions can alleviate the strain placed on healthcare providers with busy schedules and, most importantly, benefit the patient.

Mental Health Matters

Trending in healthcare is the big one: mental health. Previously taboo to talk about, mental health is becoming a mainstream topic for healthcare, and the importance of taking care of body and mind is the new normal.

Telemedicine is paving the way towards more accessible behavioral and psychiatric care. With one in five adults suffering from mental illness, access to care is important to everyone. Programs like MDLIVE provide opportunities for patients to virtually attend doctor appointments, and constant contact is improving adherence to medication regimens.

Home Healthcare Solutions

Home healthcare used to be reserved for those with intensive medical needs, such as the chronically ill or the elderly. Home healthcare solutions are developing for all sorts of diagnoses, from addiction support to physical therapy visits.

Everywhere care is shifting patients from hospitals to low-cost sites, such as the home. Cost, customer preferences, and new technology all develop an argument for home healthcare solutions. Healthcare is no longer reserved for clinics, and staffing options such as non-clinical life coaches are able to perform tasks and patient check-ins.

Feeling Refreshed?

As your healthcare organization develops new strategies for the year, incorporate some of these trends into your innovations. Practicing spring cleaning is a healthy way to jumpstart your patient solutions for the rest of the year, and the years to come. Your patients will thank you for it.

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