How Healthcare Logistics & Supply Chain Management Can Improve Patient Outcomes

The healthcare logistics and supply chain should efficiently plan and coordinate getting the necessary medical devices and technology to patients who need them. Keeping the supply chain moving helps deliver positive patient outcomes, by enabling both patients and providers with the tools they need.

The logistics and support team at Trapollo takes great pride in maintaining a fully functioning supply chain that efficiently supports the providers and medical device manufacturers who rely on us.

What is Logistics in Healthcare?

When a supply chain runs smoothly, customers don’t have to think about it. But when the supply chain has troubles, it negatively affects the end customers who rely on efficient deliveries of the medical products they need. As a supply chain leader, we work hard to track and deliver medical devices without bumps along the way.

Healthcare supply chains connect businesses, suppliers, and transportation companies to move medical products from the manufacturer to the consumer. To keep supply chains moving efficiently, suppliers must deliver components to the manufacturer that then builds the product and moves it closer to its endpoint. When everything functions smoothly, shipping speed increases and consumer satisfaction rises.

Logistics is a vital element in the supply chain and involves organizing the goods from the point of order to the final point of delivery. Smoothly running logistics services tend to rely on innovative technology that includes convenient customer technology like simple ordering procedures and constant shipping-status updates.

Logistics and supply chains are interwoven, as the supply chain cannot deliver products without the management provided by logistics software and employees. Without logistics, supply chains would come to a screeching halt. When it comes to health logistics, the focus is getting products from the manufacturer to the healthcare provider and their patients as efficiently and affordably as possible.

How Trapollo’s Supply Chain Functions

At Trapollo, we work hard to deliver on our promises to you. Our Connected Health system relies on an innovative logistics system that assembles, ships, recovers, sanitizes and redeploys your devices to your patients or wherever you need them to go. Our technology platform is unique in the logistics healthcare management industry, as it tracks every component in our Connected Health system, so we can provide accurate information about the status of your devices.

We understand that our supply chain management affects your bottom line and most importantly – patient outcomes. With our integrated technology platform, we can answer questions about the lifespan of the components in your Connected Health program. Our one-stop-shop logistics and support simplify kit tracking and delivery, so you can focus on what matters – your patients and their health.

Benefits of a Properly Functioning Logistics System

It is more important than ever for healthcare logistics and supply chains to function without any hiccups. When problems arise, care may deteriorate as patients wait on the health devices they need. Our healthcare logistic services operate on the premise that not only is the healthcare supply chain industry crucial to deliver medical devices to patients as a convenience, but it’s also a matter of enabling quality healthcare to patients who need it.

Trapollo’s logistics services include processing orders, warehousing, and picking the correct health device kits as needed by the patient. To keep the supply chain moving logistics experts communicate with supply chain partners who continue to deliver the products needed to get business done.

We understand that the stakes are higher for customers in the medical industry. Our healthcare devices help monitor patients in need of care, so timely delivery matters. To continue meeting our customers’ needs, we constantly check on our supply chain and make changes where needed so our customers never have to worry about whether or not their necessities will arrive. With an efficient supply chain, we can keep our costs affordable and deliver that savings to you.

Managing Logistics So You Can Focus On Your Patients

Healthcare providers rely on logistics for everything from patient medications and high-tech devices to hospital linens and bandages. With a value-based supply chain that fits the patient-care model of service delivery, everyone in the web of products and services can benefit.

When healthcare providers don’t have to worry about the supply chain, they can focus on patient care instead. Supply chains that function properly deliver patient-care tools, giving healthcare providers everything they need to provide a pinnacle of care for all of their patients.

It is crucial that patients receive the health device kits they need so they can be monitored remotely by their provider. Our logistics and supply chain solutions allow providers to focus on delivering quality care, while we ensure the prompt and proper delivery of healthcare devices to their patients.

To keep healthcare costs affordable, logistics support needs to function with minimal labor expenses. Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, and logistics experts can help control the problem by better managing who and how they control medical supply chains. Overall, the most important benefit of supply chain management in healthcare is optimized patient care. While costs and delivery time matter, the focus at all times should be on patient care.

Letting You Deliver Your Best Patient Care

In the perfect world, supply chain management should be out of sight and out of mind. All too often, healthcare providers have to take time away from patient care to work on supply chain issues. Our logisticians work hard to keep the supply chain functioning efficiently so providers don’t have to think twice about us. With a proven, repeatable process, our services continue to move so you can continue to care for your patients.

When new customers ask us “what is healthcare logistics?”, we realize they may not know the ins and outs of what a full-scale logistics process entails. While it’s nice to know where your medical devices and supplies come from, it’s better to be able to provide patient care that achieves your desired outcomes. Let us take care of the difficult task of supply chain management with our integrated solution, so you can focus on your patients.


Mr. Nester has focused in his career on business management, process improvement and services delivery. He has led project management, professional/engineering services and support services organizations providing solutions to the U.S. Federal Government and commercial Healthcare. He joined Trapollo in 2016 where he has served as the Chief Operating Officer leading the Trapollo services and operations teams as well as ensuring security and regulatory compliance.