Five Ways Telehealth Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Today’s consumers (and patients) have demonstrated a willingness to abandon businesses in favor of those with a stated environmentalist attitude. As such, a go-green strategy can benefit your bottom line, and a telehealth strategy can help. Here are five examples of ways telehealth can enhance patient care while driving an eco-friendly agenda.

1. Off-Roading Healthcare

The healthcare industry has a hefty carbon footprint, much due to travel. Telehealth offers a solution to the carbon emissions problem by providing telecommuting options to staff and virtual appointments for patients. A study by the NIH found that telemedicine appointments replacing physical visits decreased carbon emissions by”40-70” times over.

2. Videoconferencing for Rural Clinics

Healthcare goes green with the use of videoconferencing, bringing patients greater access to clinicians while reducing the carbon footprint. A rural region of the UK is using virtual clinics to provide patients with access to doctors, eliminating 2560 km of travel each year, according to the NIH. The move accounts for a 705 kg decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, and makes access to healthcare easier for patients in remote locations. That’s a real win-win.

3. Home Health Nurses, Stay Home

In Canada, studies show an estimated 36% of home nurse visits can be made without actually visiting the patient. By using telemedicine to virtually perform check-ups, a whopping 33,220 tons of carbon gas emissions are reduced yearly. Go a shade greener by assessing home health care functions that can be done using telemedicine technology.

4. Optimizing Healthcare Talent

Making strides towards reducing the carbon footprint benefits organizations seeking clinician talent otherwise inaccessible. Talented healthcare workers can reach the office remotely by telecommuting. Healthcare organizations using telehealth options for talent acquisition benefit while reducing the carbon footprint: a great reason to go green.

 5. Reach Patients Faster, the Green Way

Healthcare organizations and professionals aren’t the only ones benefiting from the cost and time efficiency of going green. Patients can receive immediate triage, continued care, and access to specialized healthcare through telehealth solutions, all while reducing the carbon footprint.

Going Green is the Way to Go

Establish an eco-friendly strategy into your healthcare organization, and expect great payoffs. Reductions in travel, faster care, and access to remote talent make telehealth a green solution worth going towards.

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