Treat your Customer Experience Problem with a Dose of Telehealth

Healthcare providers may operate a little differently than businesses in other industries. But just because the service is different, it doesn’t mean that your customer service should be viewed any differently. This is particularly true today, in an age where customer experience is now viewed as the top competitive differentiator among discerning consumers.

In a recent Deloitte survey of consumer attitudes regarding healthcare, a number of key factors emerged that are closely aligned with the core precepts of exceptional customer experience. Consumers want a good relationship with their provider, expect personalized care, convenience and a good bedside manner.

If your organization has been diagnosed with having poor customer experiences in the past, there is some good news: an antidote is on its way—telehealth.

How can telehealth services support your customer experience initiatives? Here are several examples:

Expanding the network:

With the implementation of telehealth services, patients are no longer bound by geographical constraints. If the best doctor for their condition is in the next state, they don’t need to drive hours to get a consultation. Similarly, the same is true with the other members of your medical team—from administrators to payers. The expanded network empowered by telehealth makes for greater access to the right care, and better communication at all levels of the patient’s journey.

Around the clock care:

Timing is everything—especially in healthcare. Telehealth services enable around-the-clock interactions and remote monitoring of patients to ensure immediate resolution in the event that a patient needs assistance.

Keeping care in-house:

Many individuals suffer from conditions that make ambulation difficult. In such cases, having to schedule transportation and make the trip to a doctor’s office can be excruciating. Comfort and convenience go a long way in supporting customer experience, and by enabling your patients to receive treatment from home, you’ll ensure their satisfaction.


If you’re particularly forgetful when it comes to taking your medications, your telehealth system can provide support by giving you reminders to adhere to your schedule. Further, data collection and automated analysis conducted through your telehealth portal can provide additional insights to help patients get the most out of their course of treatment. Consumers demand personalization, and there are numerous telehealth applications to support that need.

In order to maintain your place as a trusted and valued healthcare provider, it’s important to leverage emerging solutions to meet the ever changing needs of your patients. To learn more about why telehealth may be just the antidote you need for poor customer experience, click here.