Couldn’t Make it to HiMSS18? Here’s What You Missed

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So if you weren’t able to make it out for HiMSS 2018 earlier this March, you might be under the impression that you’ve missed out on your chance to keep up to date with the latest in health information and technology. Fortunately, we were on hand ourselves, in the heart of the exhibition halls, keeping our finger on the pulse, so that we could share some of the biggest stories from this year’s event.

Without further delay, here is what you missed if you couldn’t make it for HiMSS 2018. 

Silicon Valley casts its shadow

As in many other industries, it’s hard to look towards the future of healthcare without seeing the shadow of Silicon Valley titans. With Amazon and Apple both reaching into the market, many of the exciting advances coming from those organizations are likely to disrupt and pace the rate of change that comes to healthcare over the next few years.

Emerging technologies raise the call for interoperability

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and the Internet of Things—what do they all have in common?

They’re all set to make a huge impact in the healthcare industry. But aside from that, they don’t have much in common at all. And that’s the issue. One of the biggest topics at HiMSS this year was interoperability, and the idea that all of these systems will have to work together for optimal results.

Transitioning to a patient-centric world

It is hard to imagine living in a day when it was believed that the world was flat. Today, it seems unfathomable that healthcare organizations were not modeled around the needs of its patients. But the times are changing and this year’s event suggests that successful organizations today are starting with a patient-first approach and building their operations outward from there.

Trapollo at the center of it all

This year, Trapollo was set up at Cox Business Booth #1021, showcasing how our innovative platform delivers the highest quality in-home monitoring solutions to drive patient outcomes and experience. Trapollo VP/GM Mike Braham gave a presentation titled, “Engaging Populations and the Healthcare Continuum”, which in many ways spoke to the larger themes of this year’s event. How do we make patients the priority? How do we help them make healthy choices for life? What can we accomplish if our technology and our people work together?

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