Global Partnership for Telehealth Joins Trapollo to Offer Remote Patient Monitoring

Herndon, VA (December 4, 2017) Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) has partnered with Virginia-based remote patient monitoring (RPM) integrator Trapollo. Through this partnership, healthcare organizations will be able to source remote monitoring technologies and contract RPM program design, consulting services and non-clinical managed services. This will allow GPT to provide a complete RPM solution that is focused on operational efficiency for clinical teams and has the capacity to help serve underserved populations.

“Working with both small and large medical systems, GPT understands the importance of providing the pathway for quality care from the doctor to the patient – wherever the patient might be.” Rena Brewer, CEO of GPT stated.

“We are proud to align our services with the GPT network as a conduit for them to diversify their service lines to the underserved”, said John Aldridge, vice president of Trapollo.

With a rise in chronic diseases and pressure for healthcare entities to manage these complex patient populations cost effectively, remote monitoring in the patient’s home environment has been proven to be effective and will continue to grow as a viable option for healthcare providers to deploy.

About Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) is a nonprofit corporation, which was formed to promote improvements in healthcare by establishing turn-key telemedicine programs. GPT has been a telehealth powerhouse with a 12-year track record of success with the development and implementation of sustainable, cost-effective telehealth programs.  GPT currently manages a network of more than 650 partner providers, health systems, schools, universities, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, and international mission projects.  GPT is the leading agency globally focusing on increasing access to healthcare through innovative use of technology. The mission of the Global Partnership for Telehealth is to deliver worldwide access to healthcare. GPT’s unparalleled success in the United States and beyond in applying telehealth programs and services has assisted agencies in providing cost effective, efficient and high-quality healthcare. For more information visit the GPT website at


About Trapollo

Trapollo LLC is a leading provider of managed services that enable healthcare providers, home health agencies and insurers to successfully deploy telehealth and remote health monitoring solutions. Trapollo offers a large selection of services to design and implement programs that cover every stage of the remote health monitoring lifecycle, including product selection and acquisition, device sale or rental, asset and logistics management, in-home installations, user training, monitoring, and customer and technical support. Trapollo uses a proprietary software program to manage its remote monitoring programs, customer support and device logistics. It is also capable of integration with a patient management system or an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system in order to automate processes such as order submission. Trapollo has been a proud member of the Cox Communications family since September of 2015. Cox and Trapollo aim to provide home health-monitoring solutions on a large scale to extend the reach of telehealth in the home. For more information visit the Trapollo website at