Trapollo Featured on Slice of Healthcare Podcast Episode #273: Mia Barb, Director of Product and Vendor Management at Trapollo

We are excited to share that Trapollo was featured on a recent episode of the Slice of Healthcare Podcast!

Started in 2018, Slice of Healthcare seeks to tell diverse healthcare stories, including healthcare technology companies such as Trapollo. In this interview, host Jared S. Taylor interviews Mia Barb, Director of Product & Vendor Management at Trapollo, about the guiding principles of Trapollo, value-based connective care, and remote patient monitoring using ambient computing.

Mia Barb and the Goals of Trapollo

Leveraging over 20 years of healthcare experience, Mia Barb started in healthcare IT and managed care, before shifting to working with Trapollo’s connected health programs. When asked how telehealth companies can help address modern healthcare problems, Mia explains it is all about accessibility.

“The name of the game in this space is…how can you make it easy for the consumer,” explains Mia. “We live in this golden age of technology, it’s almost an embarrassment of riches…whoever can crack the nut on making the most painless consumer experience — be it for the patient, the member, or the provider — is going to win the game.”

Trapollo’s solutions seek to do just that. Through Trapollo, patients interact with clinicians using an enterprise software platform, augmented with medical devices. These innovations offer a richer view of patients within the care continuum, allowing for seamless remote care.

The Importance of Value-Based Connected Health

The interview continues to discuss how value-based connected healthcare can specifically help improve patient and provider experience. Within value-based care, providers seek to manage patients with a fixed dollar amount, acknowledging acuity and severity within treatment plans.

“The goal, in that sense, is how do you provide the highest quality of care, how do you generate the best clinical outcomes you can,” Mia elaborates, “and how do you do that at a cost that fits your budget.”

Mia goes on to detail how Trapollo can help meet those goals. Combining remote patient monitoring, medical devices, and software, Trapollo helps providers identify risk factors, adjust medication, and adapt other aspects of patient care before they need the emergency room. By lowering the need for patients to leverage high-cost, in-person care, providers and consumers alike can save money.

Ambient Computing: The Next Frontier of Connected Care

Jared continues to ask Mia about where she sees the future of telehealth expanding, to which she responds with ambient computing — recording data unobtrusive to the patient.

“If you’re utilizing a weight scale or a BP, you have to use it…you gotta go put it on your arm and take a measurement, step on the scale and take a measurement…you have to do something very deliberate,” explains Mia. With ambient computing, providers can leverage technology such as scales installed within beds to record weight data at night.

“Being able to collect that data…in a way that’s very non-intrusive, and being able to leverage artificial intelligence…and turn that into something actionable…(can) change the course of that patient’s help in the right direction,” Mia elaborates.

Mia finishes by thanking the team at Trapollo for their ability to innovate and develop healthcare solutions beyond what we can even imagine — perhaps even expanding to virtual reality and the metaverse.

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