Trapollo Featured on EarlySense Podcast Episode 19: How Technology Turns “Sick Care” into “Healthy Care”

We are honored to share that Trapollo was recently featured on an episode of the podcast Vital Insights.

Vital Insights is a podcast designed to discuss the ever-evolving changing dynamics within health and digital health technology with thought leaders in the field. Recorded live at the American Telehealth Association’s EDGE Policy Conference 2021, this episode explores Trapollo’s place in connected health, alongside the concept of Quadruple Aim within value-based care and telehealth.

A Brief History of Trapollo

The interview opens with a brief overview of Trapollo’s goals as a leader in the industry. A longtime proponent of connected health, Trapollo has sought to enable early adopters to operationalize telehealth programs at major hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States.

Cox’s acquisition of Trapollo in 2015 opened fresh opportunities thanks to the newly expanded resources. With these greater capabilities, Trapollo hopes to expand and accelerate connected health through telehealth and remote patient monitoring. As connected health comes of age, Trapollo centers the Quadruple Aim framework.

Connected Health and Quadruple Aim

As the name would apply, Quadruple Aim is a four-tiered approach to improving the American healthcare system. Originally “triple aim,” the term has recently been expanded to include clinical experience amongst patient-oriented goals. Altogether, the quadruple aim encapsulates:

  1. Enhanced Patient Experience
  2. Improved Population Health and Patient Outcomes
  3. Lower Costs of Per Capita Healthcare
  4. Improved Clinical Experience

The interview dives into how Trapollo services tackle each facet of Quadruple Aim. Highlights include deep looks at how Trapollo breaks down pre-pandemic roadblocks to telehealth, deals with solving policy issues for better outcomes, and far more.

Ultimately, the interview elaborates on how Trapollo seeks to turn the mindset of connected telehealth from “sick care” into “healthy care,” preventing health issues before they arise. To learn more about how Trapollo specifically tackles these issues, listen to the full interview.

Listen to the Podcast Now!

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