Well Connected: Virtual Care and Engagement Solutions

Technology can do amazing things, it just needs to be put to work in the right ways. Trapollo is doing exactly that by building technology which can help seniors living at home, and stay safely at home for as long as possible. Host Gabrielle Bejarano discusses the impact of virtual care and technology solutions with the Director of Solution Development and Vendor Management at Trapollo, Mia Barb.

Improving Senior Patient Care With Virtual Care Technology

Technology can help prolong seniors’ ability to live safely at home. “I think a best use case for right now is the ability to combine the technology, combining the smart connected home and smart connected healthcare to better enable aging in place,” said Barb.

Trapollo has built smart connected healthcare to help care for patients who need it most. Considering that over half our adult population has a chronic disease and seniors between the ages of 65-74 have the highest rate of home ownership in the country, at-home healthcare monitoring is a need that must be met.

Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Streamline Senior Patient Care

As such, Trapollo has come up with a solution of remote-patient monitoring (RPM). “So this sets up a kind of perfect storm for remote-patient monitoring as a cost-effective, efficient way of helping seniors maintain their wellness at home,” said Barb.

RPM acts as a way to bridge the gap between technology and patient care by facilitating communication between the patient, caregivers, and the provider. Barb said, “RPM, I think allows clinicians to offer patients really an omni-channel kind of consumer-support experience; so while at the same time they can tailor this outreach and intervention to the individual patient and then for the patient, this RPM is empowering.”

With the senior population more tech savvy than the general population might realize, giving voice back to the senior patient honors the core values of healthcare by purposefully engaging in care that works best for the patient.

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For more than twenty years, Mia has focused her career on healthcare innovation to improve the patient experience while increasing quality and decreasing cost of care. She has managed projects and delivered solutions in a variety of consumer-driven healthcare, managed care and specialty medical management organizations. At Cox/Trapollo, Mia is especially passionate equipping consumers with the tools and solutions required to make their homes the new health hub.