Patient Engagement

Increase Patient Engagement With Our Virtual Care Solutions

Our products and services cover a broad spectrum. By integrating and automating clinician-to-patient processes and information, we can help health systems by giving them actionable, cloud-based healthcare data that lets them focus on delivering outstanding patient care, promoting better outcomes by encouraging and facilitating patient engagement.

Trapollo Converge: Virtual Care Platform

Secure, cloud-based, connected patient engagement — that extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

  • A highly flexible and extensible virtual care platform
  • Purpose-built for delivering care coordination and health monitoring
  • Provides intuitive and easy-to-use technology 
  • Device-agnostic platform for clinicians, patients, and family caregivers

Our broad range of cloud-based technologies, connected health applications, and services can help improve the quality of care throughout every patient population and at every stage of life.

Virtual Care Program Design

We collaborate with you to define requirements and map out a plan that successfully scales to reach your ROI goals using some of the most powerful cloud-based technologies in healthcare.

Healthcare Logistics & Support

Our expertly designed processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home while promoting care plan adherence. Our support team is compassionate, knowledgeable, and available to help patients understand their devices.

Medical Device Selection

Find the exact equipment your program needs. We’re always testing and evaluating new platforms and technologies to find the latest HIPAA compliant and innovative connected medical devices.

Patient Engagement Strategies That Really Work

Our products and services cover a broad spectrum. Discover what our cloud-based technologies can do to help your organization deliver exceptional connected healthcare.


Remote Patient Monitoring Programs

We design, implement and support nationwide multiple-technology remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs for some of the largest healthcare organizations across the United States.

Hospital at Home Programs

Designed to treat a broad range of health conditions, this innovative program provides rapid and critical care for individuals admitted into the hospital — enabling continued inpatient care at home.

Chronic Care & Disease Management

Take the complexity out of chronic care, making it simple for patients to comply with treatment plans. Our chronic care management solutions combine telehealth with cloud-based medical devices.

Let Us Help You Increase Patient Engagement