Chronic Care & Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management Technology for Patients and Providers

Chronic care and disease management can be expensive and consumes high levels of scarce healthcare resources. Our chronic care and disease management solution is an effective and convenient way for patients and providers to coordinate and better manage chronic conditions. Let us help you address the issues of rising costs and improved patient access to timely and quality care.

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Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs

When a patient is engaged in the process of their care, it can help lead to a better understanding of their illness. Our chronic disease self-management program includes a patient portal that captures more than just vital statistics and daily living habits. This level of self-management can lead to more compliant patients, increased communication, more proactive interventions, lower costs, and higher quality of care.

Trapollo Converge: Remote Patient Monitoring of Chronic Diseases

Trapollo Converge is a highly flexible and extensible virtual care platform, purpose-built for delivering care coordination and health monitoring. Its powerful digital patient engagement tools, telehealth and chronic disease management capabilities, and monitoring functions connect its clients across the healthcare spectrum and patient populations to fulfill the true promise of connected health delivery.

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Actionable Data and Analytics

We enhance comprehensive chronic disease case management programs by providing clinicians with the needed up-to-the-minute information to review trends and identify aberrations. We are able to alert clinicians in a timely manner to address patients when the data indicates a clinical intervention may be appropriate.

Chronic Care Management Through IoT

Our chronic care management platform supports a set of devices specifically designed to monitor and manage the patient’s condition. We pair, test, package and deliver telehealth and chronic disease management devices when and where they’re needed most. Our compassionate staff ensures these solutions are up and running in the patient’s home.

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Simplified Chronic Care and Disease Management

Learn how our ecosystem gives providers, payers and patients the tools they need to simplify care plans for patients, increase compliance, enhance coordination and ultimately meet the patient where they are — at home or beyond.


Chronic disease management refers to an integrated approach to care for patients of chronic diseases, seeking to minimize disease effects and care costs while improving the quality of life of patients. Treatment using chronic management extends across various ailments — from congestive heart failure to diabetes.

Chronic disease self management encompasses the self-guided aspects of chronic disease management. Self management typically follows the care plan of a provider, as a patient adheres to medication and treatment requirements.

Combining an intuitive, informative online platform with remote patient monitoring capabilities, Trapollo makes it easier than ever for chronic disease patients to self manage their chronic conditions.

Connected Health technology offers malleable capabilities to transform chronic disease management. Trapollo’s connected health solutions help providers manage patients and their chronic conditions, develop effective treatment plans, and reduce the overall burden on the healthcare system.

Technologies that transform chronic disease management include, but are not limited too:

Chronic disease self-management engages patients by having them take an active role in their own care. Through connected health technology, patients can access patient portals, adhere to prescriptions, and leverage remote patient monitoring using flexible medical devices to stay up-to-date with chronic care and gain immediate positive feedback.

Apps can play a vital role across aspects of chronic disease management. mHealth apps can support remote patient monitoring, collect and upload data to the cloud, and connect to external medical devices all from a patient’s phone. These apps remove yet another barrier to patient access to care.

With so many symptoms, risk factors, and medications to juggle, chronic disease management can seem incredibly intimidating to new patients. Programs utilizing connected healthcare solutions help streamline these processes for patients, simplifying how, when, and what needs to be done for care. With increased transparency, ease of use, and engagement, patient experiences can drastically improve.


Trapollo Converge for Self-Management

Trapollo Converge is a secure cloud-based, at-home patient monitoring and engagement platform that extends high-quality care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Medical Devices for Specific Conditions

Find the exact equipment your program needs. We’re always testing and evaluating new platforms and technologies to find the latest compliant and innovative connected devices.

Healthcare Logistics

Our expertly designed third-party logistics processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home, so you can focus on providing the most comprehensive chronic care management programs to patients.

Coordinate and Better Manage Chronic Conditions With Us