Healthcare Logistics
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Efficient Healthcare Support Reaches Patients Quickly While Reducing Clinical Burden

Managing the people and processes of your patient population is a crucial but time-consuming part of Connected Health that can impact your profitability. Trapollo provides innovative healthcare logistics and support services, freeing up your clinicians and staff so that they can provide and improve healthcare, while effectively meeting the evolving needs and expectations of patients. Our logistics services let you focus on providing excellent healthcare while we handle logistics management for you!

logisitics and supply chain management in healthcare

Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics For Improved Patient Care

Trapollo assembles, ships, recovers, cleans and redeploys your medical devices for you. Through our integrated cloud-based healthcare logistics technology platform, we track the exact location of each component across your program’s lifecycle. We also provide a centralized dashboard for continuous progress mapping for complete healthcare logistics solutions.

Healthcare Call Center Support & IT Services

Working from our HIPAA-compliant call centers, our healthcare support service associates are highly trained in compliance requirements to understand the patient population in the healthcare sector they’re addressing. When help is needed, they’re there to provide healthcare IT support with care and compassion.

healthcare logistics and supply chain support

Reliable, Consistent, and Coordinated Supply Chain Solutions

Trapollo can be your single source for effective healthcare logistics and support that meet and exceed your program requirements with improved cost savings.

supply chain management logistics in healthcare

Healthcare Supply Chain Management Timeliness and Scale

With over 10 years of experience in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and healthcare industry logistics, we can provide efficient and effective solutions to scale. We’ve designed a thoroughly documented, expert process as a solution to the complex inventory management challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home. With warehouses across the country, we can deliver health monitoring kits to meet the requirements of most healthcare organizations.

Program Management By Support & Supply Chain Leaders

Our healthcare logistics and support programs can be customized to fit your needs and objectives. We design customized packaging, labeling, pairing instructions, and medical device configurations with you and your patients in mind. This ensures that upon receipt and setup, patients can immediately begin using their devices, and you can begin monitoring their treatment.

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Broadly, healthcare logistics refers to the distribution logistics of any products required to deliver healthcare. The term includes logistics for medical devices, equipment, and pharmaceuticals across healthcare disciplines.

In practice, healthcare logistics encompasses a diverse series of processes. These include device assembly, shipment, deployment, and supply chain management. A reliable healthcare logistics agency can streamline hospital functions, managing each aspect of the process. This, in turn, allows hospital staff to shift their time and focus to providing excellent healthcare.

The healthcare supply chain is the expansive network responsible for maintaining the manufacturing and distribution of healthcare devices, equipment, and supplies to providers and patients. While manufacturers and distributors carry the bulk of management, the supply chain also includes healthcare facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies, and even insurance providers.

The healthcare supply chain is integral to the function of any healthcare organization. When shortages or disruptions affect the supply chain, organizations must find a way to maintain operations.

When these roadblocks occur, supply chain management is essential. Our healthcare logistics and support programs can plan and react to supply chain issues in real-time, which ultimately helps prepare your healthcare facility for unexpected circumstances.

Medical supply chains contend with several well-documented issues, including high cost, theft, and equipment shortages. Trapollo has designed a transparent, expert process for hospital inventory management, circumventing these issues.

We leverage a flexible, low-cost device strategy to meet client budgets, regardless of the size of your organization. With warehouses across the country, we build flexible supply chains, independent of the success or failure of a sole trader.

Healthcare technology support teams alleviate pressure on providers to handle technology-driven issues, allowing them to focus on care. Without a capable team, doctors, nurses, and other individuals responsible for care need to handle such problems themselves, distracting them from their patients.

Trapollo’s highly trained healthcare support service associates leverage knowledge across healthcare sectors to deliver intuitive IT assistance. Our team provides detailed, prompt support, grounding our services in empathy and accuracy.


Healthcare Device

In addition to keeping track of equipment flowing in and out of patients’ homes, our expert teams will also help find the exact equipment your program needs. We’re always testing and evaluating new medical devices to find the newest compliant and innovative connected devices.

Cloud-Based Virtual Care Platform

Trapollo Converge is a secure, cloud-based, connected patient engagement platform that connects healthcare providers with patients to help improve patient outcomes. Trapollo Converge extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Programs

We design, implement, and support nationwide multiple-technology remote patient monitoring programs for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S. Our healthcare logistics and support solutions take care of supply chain management of all remote patient monitoring devices, so you don’t have to.

Let Us Manage Your Healthcare Logistics For You