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At-home Monitoring and Engagement Solutions for Fully Admitted Hospital Patients

Bring quality hospital care to a comfortable at-home setting with our Hospital at Home program. Our at-home healthcare solution promotes better outcomes for certain conditions since some patients tend to respond better to treatment when they’re in familiar surroundings.

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Our Groundbreaking Hospital at Home Programs

Developed for a broad range of clinical needs, our hospital at home solution allows patients to receive hospital treatments by way of cloud-enabled home health monitoring. Hospital patients return home to continue receiving home healthcare monitoring as an admitted – not discharged – patient, receiving a full spectrum of monitoring devices and treatment to align with their physician’s outlined regimen.

Benefits of Hospital Care at Home

Our health care solutions at home can address a broad range of conditions and acuity levels — from post-surgical recuperation and in-patient testing and observation to a mix of chronic and non-chronic conditions. Our Hospital at Home program sits at the intersection of compassionate patient care and reducing the per-day cost of hospitalization as a direct result of technology and home healthcare software solutions.

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Ready to Provide Hospital Quality Home Healthcare?

It’s part of Trapollo’s unique approach in using intelligent technology to enhance the intimacy of patient care while allowing for more available hospital beds within your facility. This helps to ensure that the quality of care being delivered will not be compromised. We believe in making healthcare more human, more kind. Let us show you how!

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Trapollo Converge: Extend Care Beyond the Traditional Walls of Healthcare

Trapollo Converge is a highly flexible and extensible virtual care platform, purpose-built for delivering care coordination and health monitoring. Its powerful digital engagement tools, telehealth capabilities and monitoring functions connect clients across the healthcare spectrum and patient populations to fulfill the true promise of Connected Health delivery.

Rapid Deployment of Hospital at Home Services

Trapollo’s world-class logistics team coordinates with patients and providers through our thoroughly documented expert process, which ensures timely delivery and removal of all the necessary home healthcare monitoring devices in and out of patients’ homes. Our end-to-end solution can help cut per-day hospitalization costs.

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Hospital at home delivers hospital-quality care into the homes of patients who qualify to receive treatment outside of a traditional healthcare facility. Once diagnosed and processed at a hospital, these patients return home to continue care as an admitted — not discharged — patient. They will be given a wide variety of healthcare monitoring devices so they may receive uncompromised treatment in the comfort of their own space.

Encompassing various effective treatments, home based hospital care leverages medical devices, remote patient monitoring, virtual care software, and more to deliver a comprehensive care regimen to patients.

Chronic care & disease management programs have found particular success under home based hospital care. At the intersection of hospital at home and self-management, these programs monitor vital statistics and reinforce daily living habits to track when more intensive care is necessary.

Technology is helping to transform care delivery at home by providing unparalleled communication between patient and provider. Connected healthcare solutions — such as remote patient monitoring, virtual care software, and telehealth virtual visits — ensure care delivery at home is effective, responsive, and accurate to patient needs.

Advancements in healthcare logistics & support have additionally streamlined care delivery at home. Medical device assembly, shipping, recovery, cleaning, and redeployment are trackable via Trapollo’s cloud-based logistics technology platforms. Our modernized process accelerates a patient’s access to medical devices and relieves providers of logistical burdens.

Because we design all programs from scratch, Trapollo has no singular hospital at home service. We leverage the diverse capabilities of our connected healthcare team to design multi-faceted, personalized hospital at home care programs.

Our hospital at home service may combine aspects of medical device selection, remote patient monitoring, virtual care software, chronic care management, and telehealth capabilities, depending on the needs of your hospital and patients.

For patients, hospital care at home provides high-quality healthcare treatment and medical attention from the comfort of their living space. Patients can undergo care while surrounded by familiar surroundings, family, friends, and pets.

Providers can benefit from hospital care at home by saving time, money, and space within their healthcare facilities. Treating select patients from home opens up hospital beds for patients that require in-person treatment. Meanwhile, healthcare workers can spend less time and resources turning around rooms and providing direct care, eliminating associated costs.


Virtual Care Home Monitoring Platform

Trapollo Converge is a secure cloud-based, at-home patient monitoring and engagement platform that extends high-quality care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Healthcare Logistics
& Support

Our expertly designed HIPAA-compliant logistics and support processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home, giving you more time to focus on delivering the perfect hospital-at-home care plan.

Home Healthcare
Monitoring Devices

Our expert team helps hospitals find the exact equipment their patients need. We’re constantly testing and evaluating new platforms and at-home monitoring technologies to find the latest compliant and innovative connected devices.

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