We’ve been a leader in Remote Patient Monitoring for more than 10 years

Let us be your bridge between technology, data and patient care. We understand the connectivity that links them. Our broad range of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) applications and services goes beyond technology. We’re helping to improve the quality of care at every stage of life.

Meeting People in Their Day-To-Day Lives

Our RPM program connects caregivers to both the patient and their providers, giving them a 360-degree view and better equipping them to support the patient along their care journey: We’ve found that better communication can help promote compliance and patient satisfaction.

Reduced Readmissions

Sixty-eight percent of physicians say that at-home diagnostic testing will help to drive better outcomes for patients. When successfully implemented, monitoring and care coordination can help reduce costly readmissions.

Engaged Patients Are Compliant Patients

In our experience, we’ve found that patients are more compliant when they’re engaged in their own self-care. In addition to our RPM technologies, we also offer solutions that motivate and reinforce adherent behaviors.

A Robust Array of Technology Solutions

We utilize multiple types of monitoring solutions that address individual patient and clinician needs and priorities:

  • Vital Sign Monitoring — Passive RPM, Interactive RPM, Video-based RPM, Wearable Monitors BYOD
  • Enabling Communication — Cellular Activation, Broadband, Wi-Fi
  • Video-Centric Health Management — Educational Tablets and In-home, 2-way Video
  • ADL Management — Home-based PERS, Mobile PERS, Medication Management, ADL Motion Sensing

Put our proven track record to work for you today

We design, implement and support nationwide RPM programs incorporating multiple technologies for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States.


Trapollo Converge

Secure cloud-based, connected patient engagement — that extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Device Selection

Find the exact equipment your program needs. We’re always testing and evaluating new platforms and technologies to find the latest compliant and innovative connected devices.

Logistics & Support

Our expertly designed processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home.

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