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Cloud-Based Virtual Healthcare Services Extending Beyond Traditional Patient Care

Trapollo Converge is a highly flexible and extensible remote care platform that uses powerful digital engagement tools, continuous patient monitoring, telehealth capabilities, and population health monitoring functions to help connect clinicians, doctors, and patients across the healthcare spectrum. Our virtual care solutions provide a cloud-based triage management alternative, to help reduce the need for triage management services in hospitals and primary care facilities, as patients are receiving triage services and care at home.

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Easily Integrate Care Delivery Models Into Clinical Dashboards & Workflows

Trapollo Converge makes it easy for clinicians and caregivers to plan and implement remote care management using simple, intuitive, data-driven technology, supporting value-based health care models. Our seamless care delivery models integrate into existing clinical workflows, which helps result in improved patient outcomes and reduced administrative burdens at a significantly lower cost.

Data-Driven Care Coordination & Clinician-Patient Communication

Our innovative, data-driven care coordination technology allows us to enable more efficient, timely, and customized clinician-patient communication. A device-agnostic platform, Trapollo Converge can help improve the patient journey and increase care plan adherence by boosting patient engagement and access to care. This allows healthcare professionals to focus on delivering outstanding value-based care while increasing patient satisfaction.

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Disease-Specific Care Plan Templates + Single-Dashboard Triage Management

Our virtual care platform combines patient engagement tools with care management, allowing for truly connected care across patient populations. The clinical care team dashboard is customizable by disease state and population, with access to powerful evidence-based algorithms to help clinicians:

  • Monitor, triage and coordinate care for all remotely monitored patients from one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Obtain actionable insights to enable early disease detection and proactive interventions
  • Create, revise and manage customized comprehensive care plans using disease-specific templates

Improved Patient Engagement and Self-Care Management at Home

Our remote triage management and patient engagement platform is a complete connected health monitoring solution, encouraging patients to remain active in their care plan while knowing they can reach their virtual care team with the push of a button.

Trapollo Converge also helps: 

  • Establish patient goals through tasks and surveys while tracking vital signs, health conditions and medication compliance
  • Facilitate non-emergency communications between care team members, patients and family members
  • Automate patient scheduling and doctor scheduling to help guide, monitor, and intervene with patients while providing custom virtual home care and triage solutions
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virtual health care solutions implementation

Virtual Healthcare Solution: Proven Implementation Strategy

With over 11 years of experience in healthcare technology for some of the nation’s largest health organizations, our virtual care platform design and implementation solutions include:

  • Proven, repeatable implementation methodology
  • Directed design methods to help optimize clinical teams’ time requirements
  • Fixed price, fixed scope, fixed timeline
  • Out-of-the-box pre-configured condition-specific monitoring care plans to help accelerate time to value
  • Flexible EHR integration

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