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Increase Patient Retention with Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Providers

The pressure to keep pace and operate more efficiently is ever-mounting in all corners of healthcare. As providers of virtual care and connected health solutions, Trapollo delivers innovative answers to healthcare efficiency and intuitive patient retention strategies. Our goal is simple: offer solutions that make patient care easier for you — and help improve the quality of care at every stage of life.

patient retention and satisfaction strategies

Powerful Patient Retention and Satisfaction Strategies

Trapollo’s connected care patient retention strategies focus on improving patient outcomes through clinical engagement.

  • Integrate and automate clinician-to-patient processes and provide actionable data
  • Retain and attract remote patients, avoiding penalties for hospital readmission
  • Meet evolving regulatory requirements, reducing clinician burnout

Effectively Build and Scale Healthcare IT Solutions

Trapollo is a Connected Health solutions provider with end-to-end support services. Our team can address program design, analytics, patient engagement, supply chain services and support, and more. Combining your talented team with our healthcare provider solutions can lead to healthcare excellence, in turn accessing efficiency that can help retain more patients.

healthcare staff and patient needs

Gain Greater Insight into Patient and Staff Needs

As experienced telehealth providers, our healthcare solutions extend beyond the walls of facilities to engage patients where they feel most comfortable. Connected healthcare solutions give your clinical teams more insight into patient health and well-being, anchored in tested patient retention strategies. We aim to let clinicians focus more on healthcare and less on administration, helping them reach higher quality service and aim to improve overall patient retention.


Working to satisfy patients drives the healthcare industry forward — building optimal experiences for patients and better practices for providers. The better you satisfy your patients, the more likely they’ll stay within your program, leading to better patient outcomes and greater patient retention.

Patient satisfaction also quantifiably impacts the success of a healthcare facility. Patient satisfaction surveys offer concrete data to show how your programs meet patient standards — national surveys such as those offered by HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) even offer a public way to compare satisfaction across local, regional, and national healthcare programs.

IoT technology can increase the satisfaction of your patients by streamlining arduous processes and providing patients greater access to care. Generally, IoT technology lowers the barrier between patients and providers. This leads to far more transparent communication, alongside less frequent hospital visits.

A survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found 80% of patients agreed or strongly agreed that their virtual visit was as good as in-person visit, with 53.2% indicating that their online visit was better than an in-person visit. The same survey found the majority of patients thought virtual visits made it easy to get care they needed (90.9%) and saved them time (91.9%).

Virtual healthcare can improve patient satisfaction by lowering barriers to providers and saving patients both time and money while seeking health care.

Using a virtual care platform patients can message providers, access virtual visits, and track vitals in tandem with remote patient monitoring. By helping keep patients connected to providers and actively participating in their care, virtual healthcare can increase patient satisfaction.

By pushing several healthcare processes online, virtual healthcare also lowers the need for patients to visit hospitals. Telehealth visits reduce time spent in waiting rooms and traveling, alongside potential expenses related to travel and childcare.

Good communication is directly linked to increased patient satisfaction. A study from the Beryl Institute found 71% of respondents said they’ve experienced a lack of compassion from their physicians, 73% always or often felt rushed by their doctors, and 39% believe physicians are generally not effective communicators.

Connected healthcare technology can streamline provider-patient communication, potentially leading to increased patient satisfaction. Leveraging effective webside manner, providers can foster welcoming, compassionate virtual environments for patients — taking their time and allowing patients the space they need to feel satisfied. Additionally, online patient portals allow providers to effectively communicate healthcare data directly to patients, accessible at any time.

Trapollo designs connected healthcare programs that focus on improving patient outcomes through remote clinical engagement. Our programs integrate and automate clinician-to-patient processes — such as booking appointments and remote patient monitoring — to provide actionable data to retain more patients.


Hospital at Home

Designed to treat a broad range of health conditions, this innovative program provides rapid and critical at-home healthcare for individuals admitted into the hospital — enabling patient monitoring at home.

Virtual Healthcare Solutions

Secure, cloud-based, virtual patient engagement, Trapollo Converge is a virtual care platform that extends care beyond the walls of the traditional healthcare model.

Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Our expertly designed healthcare support services solve the complex challenge of equipment flow in and out of a patient’s home, simplifying healthcare supply chain logistics.

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