Increase Patient Retention with Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Providers

The pressure to keep pace and operate more efficiently is ever mounting in all corners of healthcare today. Our goal is simple: We’re here to make patient care easier for you — and help improve the quality of care at every stage of life.

improving patient retention in healthcare

Powerful Patient Retention and Satisfaction Strategies

Trapollo specializes in connected care focused on improving patient outcomes by mobilizing clinical engagement. By integrating and automating clinician-to patient processes and providing actionable data, we help healthcare providers focus on delivering outstanding patient care, which in turn may help them:

  • Retain and attract patients
  • Avoid penalties for readmission
  • Meet evolving regulatory requirements
  • Reduce clinician burnout

Effectively Build and Scale Healthcare IT Solutions

Trapollo is a Connected Health solutions provider with end-to-end support that can address program design, analytics, patient engagement, supply chain services and support and more.

solutions for healthcare providers

Gain Greater Insight into Patient and Staff Needs

Get the help you need to meet the trend of patients who are demanding more personalized healthcare. Our solutions extend your footprint beyond the walls of your facilities to engage patients where they feel most comfortable — giving your clinical teams more insight into their health and well-being. The goal is to free up clinicians to focus more on healthcare and less on administration so they can operate at the top of their licensure.


Trapollo Converge: Virtual Healthcare Solutions

Secure cloud-based, connected patient engagement — that extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Hospital in Home

Designed to treat a broad range of health conditions, this innovative program provides rapid and critical care for individuals admitted into the hospital — enabling continued inpatient care at home.

Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Our expertly designed processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home.

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