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We are Leaders in Medical Device Logistics

Work with a leader in logistics and supply-chain management. We’re the go-to OEM support expert for some of the largest Connected Health programs in the U.S. Our team delivers efficient solutions for medical device manufacturers, leveraging decades of experience in the field with our medical device location tracking software.

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OEM Logistics Support

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from our experience as one of the most trusted Connected Health partners in the country.

  • Access streamlined order administration, inventory control, and medical device distribution channels
  • Expand your team’s capabilities with comprehensive user training
  • Leverage HIPAA-compliant call center support, including replacement and recovery services

FDA Medical Device Compliant Handling

Our tracking systems help you easily satisfy your FDA handling and reporting requirements.

medical device compliance software

Integrated Partner for RPM Medical Devices

From our highly trained and compassionate call-center professionals to our 10+ years of experience in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and logistics to scale, Trapollo provides expertise that’s second to none. We customize programs to provide confidence to your partners, customers and, above all, patients, all while providing tracking that helps you satisfy FDA compliance for medical devices.


Virtual Healthcare Solutions

Secure, cloud-based, virtual patient engagement, Trapollo Converge is a virtual care platform that extends care beyond the walls of the traditional healthcare model.

Supply Chain Logistics & Support

Our expertly designed processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We design, implement and support nationwide multiple-technology RPM programs for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.

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