Improve Member Health Through Population Health Management Solutions

Caring for members can be expensive for payers, consuming high levels of scarce healthcare resources. Our healthcare payer solutions make it convenient for members to be actively involved in their well-being. We combine cutting-edge software and intuitive programming to build comprehensive population health and analytics strategies.

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Reduce Costs with Powerful Population Health Analytics Tools

Trapollo Connected Health solutions leverage population health analytics software to automate clinical workflow. Our member-centered analytics for population health management create efficiencies for care teams. Through a better workflow, we help healthcare payers scale, meet the needs of more members, and achieve:

  • Improved population health and wellness
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Cost savings, capital redeployment and alignment of incentives
  • Improved Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and Star ratings
  • Improved member satisfaction and retention

Intelligent Health Management Solutions For Rural Health Issues

For patients in rural areas, healthcare can still be hard to come by. Using population health programs, we help proactively manage member health. With increased efficiency, provider networks can address their most critical members and needs, including rural members.

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Improving Health Through Increased Patient Engagement

Patient wellness and population health management work hand in hand. Trapollo Converge not only helps members improve their healthcare through actionable data but incentivizes and mobilizes members to increase compliance and adherence rates. Ultimately, greater incentivization can lead to improved health, wellness, and member satisfaction.


Chronic Care & Disease Management

Take the complexity out of chronic care, making it simple for patients to comply with your treatment plans.

Trapollo Converge: Remote Care Platform

Secure cloud-based, connected patient engagement — that extends care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

Supply Chain Logistics & Support

Our expertly designed processes solve the complex challenge of equipment flowing in and out of a patient’s home.

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